With your help - we will win!

Campaigns are expensive with the necessity of signs, supplies, staffing, ads, etc.  Please donate the most generous amount that you are able so that we can be at the forefront of making Washington great again.  Our current leadership, through their actions, has proven that they do not support our state or federal Constitutions which they have all sworn to uphold.

Last year and without our consent, they increased state taxes by $27 billion during the night while the rest of us slept.  They have shown their lawlessness in the continual creation of new taxes without public testimony and have found it prudent to accept pay increases for themselves this year.

They have created unconstitutional mandates during this plandemic and made explicit sex ed a priority for our young children.  I believe that the citizens of this state deserve truth and transparency in their representatives, and that's what I will bring to you as your next representative in the 33rd legislative district.

Thank you for your generous donation; every bit helps. Tell a friend, neighbor, contact us to volunteer or donate anything. We are making a huge push in order to get support for the South Seattle region (district 33). Thank you for all the support and fueling the fight for our community.

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